Anatolian Shepherds

​Livestock Guardian Dogs

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a native of Turkey, where he was developed as a shepherd’s companion and livestock guardian. He was bred to resemble the size and color of the livestock he defended so predators would not detect him among the flock.  He was developed to live with the flock and adopt it as his own. He is a rugged, self-confident guardian who knows how much protection or intimidation is necessary in any situation.  The Anatolian has been working independently for centuries, making decisions regarding threats to his property.  And he backs up his guardian nature with presence. The Anatolian is a large dog, weighing as much as 150 pounds. He has a short, fawn coat and a black mask.  There is also a rough coat variation in the breed. He appears intimidating, and if necessary he is — though he's calm and friendly with his family.  Not surprisingly for a guard dog, the Anatolian Shepherd is suspicious of strangers and reserved with those outside his "flock." He takes his job seriously.  At the same time, the Anatolian is a very intelligent, loyal, steady working dog. He's highly trainable.  If you need a dog to protect a flock or herd, find a breeder who breeds successful livestock guardians: you'll have a better outcome if the puppy or adult you purchase already has successful working dogs in his bloodline.



Taner and Tilly pictured together - we raised a litter of puppies out of this pair this year.  Born June 11, 2018, AKC Registered, we have puppies available.  Tilly is a rough coat with impressive dimensions, a larger than average female. She was our top pick from litter of 10 and has been protecting our doe pasture for past 5 years.  Taner is the pick male from a litter sired by a Turkish Import.  Taner is a smooth coat owned by Scott McAlister of I.T. Farms in Gadsden, AL.