Our Does
100% New Zealand Kiko Does
We have accumulated a herd of outstanding quality does, that are producing at a level that we honestly hadn't expected to achieve.  We are a low input operation; pasture grazing/forage is our input, with mixed pasture grass hay during the winter months when the pastures are too depleted.  When it became absolutely necessary during the winter of 2017-2018, we supplemented whole cotton seed at a rate of 1/2 pound per day per doe.  We chose to do this because the long and severe cold spells that winter stunted our winter wheat and rye, and since the does were in late gestation we needed to provide an alternate protein source.  Our birth weights have ranged from 5.5 - 9.8 lbs, with the doeling average in the mid 7's and buckling
average in the mid 8's.  Weaning weights have been outstanding with doelings averaging close to 40 and bucks averaging low 50's - on pasture only.  We have been very fortunate with our selection of herd sires over the years, and we have high expectations for the 2 new bucks we are introducing into our 2018 Fall breeding program.  See Thunderhead and Maverick on the Herd Sire page, they will each cover about 25% of our does this year. 
  1.        SPF A09 Sherry
    SPF A09 Sherry
    Top side - TNT'S RAIZ'N'KANE, Aristocrat, , Keeper, Terminator's XX. Bottom side - Terminator's XX, Tasman Zorro.
  2.     DSL Kane's Girl 52
    DSL Kane's Girl 52
    Kane's Girl twins or triples. Big, deep body. Daughter of TNT'S RAIZ'N'KANE x ARISTOCRAT and GOLDMINE on bottom
  3.            SPF Benjy
    SPF Benjy
    Benjy is solid black, thick, tough. She twins or triples. Top side EHR Donny Boy / Warsaw / Pango Hua. Bottom Klondike / Confederate / Pango Hua
  4.          ATJ Theresa
    ATJ Theresa
    Sire SKY W01 Black Paradox. Dam DSL Kane's Girl 52 on this page.
  1.          ATJ Midnight
    ATJ Midnight
    Solid Black, full of Nick, ECR Rusty, ECR Aladdin, JFK Noble.
  2.         JDR Dos-I-Do
    JDR Dos-I-Do
    Winner - AKGA 2014 Maiden Doe Futurity Champion. Sire KMG Marksman. Dam JDR Sister (LEN 8 x ELH 6L)
  3.  RLP Peacock's Warhead
    RLP Peacock's Warhead
    Triple Linebred SKY W018 WARSAW, plus Goliath.
  4.          ATJ Caramel
    ATJ Caramel
    Sunboy Stanton 149 (Nick), JFK Noble, Goldmine top side. Dam is DSL Kane's Girl 52 from this page.
  1.         ATJ F14 CoaCoa
    ATJ F14 CoaCoa
    Dam is DSL Kane's Girl 52 from this page, Sire is NNT E512 Bucky from Home Page.
  2.      ATJ F04 Valentine
    ATJ F04 Valentine
    Sire is NNT E512 Bucky (home page), pedigree includes SDR Piers Bear, MMG Middlebrook Majic, SKY S 408 Sports Kat. Dam is SPF A09 Sherry on this page.
  3.     ATJ E14 (Brownie)
    ATJ E14 (Brownie)
    Dam is DSL Kane's Girl 52 from this page, Sire side TLF Legend.
  4.         ATJ F15 Belle
    ATJ F15 Belle
    Dam is DSL Kane's Girl 52 from this page, Sire is NNT E512 Bucky from Home Page.
  1.             ATJ Syn
    ATJ Syn
    Sire NNT E512 Bucky Dam ATJ Midnight
  2.    ATJ Whitetail Deer
    ATJ Whitetail Deer
    Sorry, I couldn't resist! My brother in Minnesota took this picture from his dining room window. Whitetail deer doe nursing her twins after a long Minnesota winter.
  3.            ATJ Saga
    ATJ Saga
    Sire NNT E512 Bucky Dam SPF A09 Sherry
  4.        ATJ VanGoghT
    ATJ VanGoghT
    Sire NNT E512 Bucky Dam ATJ E14 (Brownie)
  1.      SDF Sundusk 2104
    SDF Sundusk 2104
    photo coming soon
  2.           ATJ Silver
    ATJ Silver
    photo coming soon NNT E512 Bucky x SPF Benjy
  3.     SDF Sundusk 2093
    SDF Sundusk 2093
    photo coming soon
  4.         ATJ Belle's Joy
    ATJ Belle's Joy
    photo coming soon Josie's Outlaw x ATJ Belle
  1.     ATJ Coacoa's Pride
    ATJ Coacoa's Pride
    photo coming soon Josie's Outlaw x ATJ CoaCoa
  2.    ATJ Warhead's Angel
    ATJ Warhead's Angel
    photo coming soon Josie's Outlaw x RLP Peacock's Warhead
  3.   ATJ Warhead's Shadow
    ATJ Warhead's Shadow
    photo coming soon Josie's Outlaw x RLP Peacock's Warhead
  4.    ATJ Dosi's Sweetness
    ATJ Dosi's Sweetness
    photo coming soon NNT E512 Bucky x JDR Dos-I-Do
  1.   PRG Apache's Angelica
    PRG Apache's Angelica
    photo coming soon WMB Mingo, CGI Ringo, CVK Bushmaster, Aristicat, Goliath, Ozark Apache
  2.   JDR Romeo's Georgina
    JDR Romeo's Georgina
    photo coming soon Goliath's Keeper, Len 8, JDR Romeo
  3.      CED Butterscotch
    CED Butterscotch
    photo coming soon Nanook Onyx Bear, Goldmine's Heritage, Goliath's Pharlap
  4.   PRG Angelica's Angel
    PRG Angelica's Angel
    photo coming soon Daughter of PRG Apache's Angelica, with top side of MRG Outlaw, COO Iron Horse, Tay Onyx, Sonny Boy